DMM Wallnuts Micro set No. 00-0.75

Size 00 6g 2kn Grey Size 0 6g 2kn Red
Size 0.5 10g 4kn Blue
Size 0.75 10g 4kn Gold

These little fellas are the smallest protection we make and are machined (CNC'd) from 7000 series aluminium. These complex machines allow us to incorporate a machined inset radius that both improve strengths and protect the wires.

We make these nuts from the harder 7000 series alloys because they must be able to resist high shear forces. Small nuts often have two strength ratings on them; this is because the nuts have to be tested in all orientations. Thus the smaller figure will be the rating on the narrow side and the larger figure when placed normally, with the wider face in contact with the rock.

Important Note: These wires are strength rated at 2kn (size 1 & 2)and 4kn (size 3 & 4) so use your common sense when placing them. Place them in clusters, use screamers/ripstops, back them up as soon as possible and if you do fall get you belayer to make the catch as soft as possible.

On the positive side we always get at least 3.2kN and 5.0kN when we test them!

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