Wallnuts Set No. 1-11

Storlek Vikt (g) Styrka Färg 1 16 7kN/4kN Pink 2 26 9kN Green 3 28 11kN Silver 4 30 12kN Gold 5 34 12kN Blue 6 40 12kN Red 7 40 12kN Grey 8 45 12kN Turquoise 9 50 12kN Gold 10 56 12kN Silver 11 68 12kN Green

There are lots of nuts on the market, but Wallnuts are amongst the best because of their design, the materials that they are made from and the attention to detail that goes into their manufacture.

The end result is that the Wallnuts give secure placements even in difficult situations and their quality means that they will do this time after time, route after route.

Pumped and scared the last thing you need is to be fighting in a basic, square nut that won't seat properly or worse, won't place at all because the wire is too floppy to allow an accurate placement.

Wallnuts Set No. 1-11 Större bild
1199.00 kr

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